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Modern Access Control Systems

Modern access control systems

In terms of the access control functions there has not been such a level of change, as in IP video area in the past 10 years. However the emergence of IP networks and the proliferation of IP technology had an effect for the access control systems.

Access devices can be connected to local network

Modern access control systems take advantage of the communication opportunities, which are built by the companies themselves anyway.

The local network and the Internet connecting remote sites will create new opportunities, new system architecture is required.

The access control system management software can be installed on any computer. The access control can be managed up to several thousand kilometers away (permissions to change, events listing).

The traditional access controllers connected via RS485 to a PC and this PC connected to the local network.

If the access controllers can connect directly to the local network, then this PC is not required. Thus, the system reliability can significantly increase, the operating costs can significantly decrease, and in some cases the total cost can be lower as well.

High-speed, encrypted communication

There are two ways that the access controllers to be bounded to a direct local network. The traditional access controllers can be connected to the LAN with serial-IP converter. Disadvantage of this solution is that the communication speed is only a few kBytes / sec. The further disadvantages of the serial-IP converters that generally do not encrypt the data.

Modern controllers have direct access LAN connection. The speed of the communication is several hundred times higher than the serial-IP solution, it can be up to 1 Mbyte/sec.

The modern access controllers protect the communication channel with standard open-key encryption technology (RSA).

The high-speed communication is a typical application example of the multi-door anti-pass back function implementation. The 1 MByte / sec. speed is enough up to several hundred anti-pass back door coordination.

Video System Integration

From an entry event, the video entry system or the access control system also provides important information. However, access control with video system integration available higher level of security. To see the real access event on the video, a synchronize of the internal clocks of the systems is necessary. An IP network is fully operational and effective, if a synchronization can be provided within seconds.

Standard, safe, cheap card

The standard proximity cards are manufactured in large quantities, so prices are low. To the security systems a standard Mifare plus proximity card is recommended. This card protects with standard AES encryption against the card copy or card manipulation.

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