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Logipix SATA

Logipix SATA

LOGIPIX SATA is a multi-megapixel security camera, that records securty footage on location. This solution gives the opportunity to expand the field of applications of multi-megapixel cameras.

High network requirements

Transferring high resolution images from the cameras to the recorders is generally performed via LAN. To send a video stream with such large images even in Local Area Network environment is a big challange.

Low bandwidth problem

There can be a lot of applications where the competent bandwidth is not available between the recorder and the high resolution cameras. The bandwidth defines the number of transmittable pictures for different resolution cameras.

If the bandwidth is low, the solution is: local storage

In case of using local storage system all the images are recorded locally. The recording settings are able to well define only the important images that will be transmitted to the central recorder via the given low bandwidth network.

Methods of the local storage

There are several opportunities to realize local storage: memory card, HDD, SSD. The advantage of the memory card is its resistance against extreme environmental conditions, its disadvantage is the significantly low storage capacity.

The capacity of the HDD is sufficient for several days. Utilizing the puffer function, the recordings will not lose even in case of a long network interruption. Otherwise more strict environmental conditions must be fulfilled to record on an HDD.

The SSD storage combines the advantages of the Flash cards and the Hard Discs. Its only disatvantage is the price, as it is still too expensive.



Objects without having a serious network infrastructure can be monitored easily with this solution. Installing the device in a waterproof camera enclosure with a heater and cooler only the appropriate power supply must be ensured. HSDPA modem can be used for remote management.

It is a useful solution for middle scale systems, monitoring large scale areas, where there is only WIFI connection available. It sends only the given pictures to the central recorder, there are all the images in the place of monitoring.

It is well used to observe smaller sites with 1-2 cameras via ADSL connection. It sends only the required images to the central recorder, but all the full size images are stored locally.

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