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Traffic Violation Management

Logipix Traffic Violation Management solution

Urban challenges

Violation of traffic rules is a critical problem in modern urban environments. Logipix has a contemporary answer for detecting violations and maintaining security in everyday traffic. Fast reaction and the prevention of traffic violations are key to ensuring the safety of vehicles and citizens, so the Logipix end-to-end Traffic Violation Management solution was designed with specifically these issues in mind.

The aim of the system

The aim of the Logipix Traffic Violation Management solution is to maintain security in everyday traffic by precisely detecting and recording traffic violations. The effectively captured violation images and additional information can prove to be irrefutable evidence for local authorities.

The hardware & software components

  • Wide dynamic range Logipix ONE 20 MP cameras with 20 FPS, using JPEG2000 compression
  • Integrated IR Flash
  • Integrated multi-lane radar / LIDAR for speeding detection
  • Outdoor Network Video Recorder
  • Violation Management Client (VMC)

Features & functions

  • Fully automatic operation, as only the evaluation is performed by operators
  • Built-in I/O panel in the NVR to connect traffic light system
  • ANPR interface
  • Interface for external vehicle database and customer-managed lists (blacklist, whitelist, etc.)
  • Automatically compiled violation package
  • Interface for authorities

Automatic Video Content Analysis

  • Stop sign violation detection
  • Red light violation detection
  • Bus lane violation detection
  • Wrong-way violation detection
  • Parking violation detection
  • Speeding detection
  • Traffic counting

Main components

20 MP Logipix ONE cameras

For the traffic solution, Logipix uses wide dynamic range 20 MP cameras with a 1” sensor. Video Content Analysis does not always need high-resolution images to work accurately, but when it comes to proving a violation, the detailed images are essential for irrefutable evidence. The Logipix cameras produce 20 FPS at full resolution. The high frame rate allows the system to measure the position of vehicles accurately. Since the cameras cover large areas, a single device can monitor multiple lanes.

IR Flash

Thanks to the specially developed, integrated Logipix IR Flash, the cameras can offer sharp and detailed images of license plates at night, even if glaring headlights hinder visibility conditions. Since the IR Flash is able to work with various flash intensities, both reflective and non-reflective license plates can be detected.

Multi-lane radar

Logipix integrated a monopulse, multi-lane radar into the traffic solution for speeding detection. It measures the speed of up to seven vehicles simultaneously and provides the information in telegrams. The speed of the vehicles is matched to the vehicles that are visually recognized by the VCA, thus allowing identification.

Outdoor Network Video Recorder

The NVRs of the solution work onsite at intersections, which makes the system extremely bandwidth-effective and eases communication between the sites and the server.

The NVR has an outdoor enclosure with IP65 rating, which allows it to perform effectively even in extreme weather conditions. A high-definition video card, fast CPU, and a large memory ensure accurate Video Content Analysis processes. External systems can be connected easily via the built-in I/O panel.

Connected traffic light system

As the traffic light system can be connected to the NVRs, the states of the lights can be displayed on the camera images. There is therefore no need for extra investment to monitor them.

Video Content Analysis

Logipix engineers developed several hardware-driven Video Content Analysis applications that accurately detect traffic violations and provide information on traffic flow. The automatic VCA facilitates violation management procedures and greatly increases the number of traffic violations processed per day. The Logipix Traffic Violation Management solution provides image-based traffic counting as well. Since the VCA performs this task, there is no need for expensive installation of inductive loops.

Violation package

If a vehicle violates a traffic rule, the system automatically detects it and sends the key image to the server, along with four additional relevant images of the violation. The system detects the license plate within the captured key image, then crops and sends it to the connected ANPR for character recognition. This information is then sent to an external vehicle database that provides vehicle and owner data. The Logipix Traffic Violation Management solution is also able to interface with special customer-managed lists to filter out vehicles or override violations. All relevant images of the violation and important vehicle data are collected in a violation package.

Violation Management Client

The compiled violation packages are sent to a specially developed software – the Violation Management Client (VMC) – so operators can easily review, decline, confirm or forward the violations for further investigation.

The Violation Management Client is an extremely user-friendly program that was designed to maximize the number of violations processed. Thanks to its intuitiveness, operators are generally able to master program usage within just minutes. Once the traffic violation is confirmed in the VMC, the system automatically creates a complete violation report and sends it to the appropriate local authorities.

The main advantages

  • End-to-end solution – Logipix successfully combined automatic traffic violation detection methods, high frame rate, and extremely high resolution in an end-to-end solution, ensuring safer and more organized traffic in modern cities.
  • Fewer cameras are needed – Logipix ONE 20 MP cameras are used at intersections. These can cover multiple lanes at the same time with enormous resolution.
  • Reliable operation 24/7 – The integrated IR Flash and the built-in, automatically changeable optical filters in the camera make it possible to get clear and sharp images at night as well.
  • License-dependent violation detection – There is no need to purchase different hardware to detect different types of traffic violations. Logipix is able to detect all the common types of traffic violations with the same hardware components.
  • Automatic violation management process – The system is capable of detecting and managing traffic violations automatically. The Logipix Traffic Violation Management solution collects data from connected ANPRs, country-specific vehicle databases, and customer-managed lists. It creates a complete violation package, therefore covering the entire procedure end-to-end.
  • Fast and easy evaluation process – Logipix developed the easy-to-use Violation Management Client with the goal of processing the largest possible number of violations. Operators can evaluate thousands of traffic violations per day.

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