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Logipix end-to-end solution

The revolutionary solutions of Logipix Video Surveillance Systems bring a new level of quality to the world of security. Our innovative IP cameras, Network Video Recorders and Control Center software work together to ensure a reliable end-to-end surveillance solution. The Logipix camera family covers a broad range of resolutions from Full HD to hundreds of Megapixels, therefor our devices are able to serve the needs of any industry with the best quality available.

Contemporary Video Surveillance

  • Large scale of camera resolutions
    2MP – 200MP
  • Multiple image format support
    H.264 and JPEG2000 compression standards
  • Full scalability
    Flexible system structure
  • An open system
    ONVIF compliant
  • Designed for long term use
    10-year life cycle for every instrument
  • Full legal compliance
    Adjustable to local laws

Best image quality with incomparable speed

Logipix made a revolution in the performance of IP-based surveillance devices. The intelligent image management is performed by the industry's fastest and most reliable Network Video Recorder, that allows the operators to monitor the desired areas in hundreds of megapixels without any visual loss in image details. Using high-end security cameras with an impressive 20 FPS speed and incredibly high 20MP resolution gives the impression of reality to the viewer.

Seamless work in the monitoring room

Logipix has developed a high-performance video management software, which satisfies all needs. Control Center is a part of a complex system using multi-tier architecture, providing end-to-end management and operation of the surveillance system.

The software offers a broad range of efficient functions from user-friendly system administration to the acquisition of irrefutable video evidences. Whether the Control Center deals with a small system or a complex site with hundreds of IP cameras, it never tires to perform surveillance tasks and ease the work of the operators. 

JPEG2000 compression for Multi-megapixel cameras

The JPEG2000 compression standard has been developed specifically for high resolution images, with scalability being one of its key features. It provides high quality images while keeping the file size small. JPEG2000 uses wavelet-based image compression and allows the system for flexible bandwidth management.

Intelligent picture transmission with Logi-Zoom

Logi-Zoom is a unique recorder-driven zoom function that makes use of the benefits of the JPEG2000 compression standard and delivers high-quality images over even a low bandwidth network. It is an extremely cost-effective function, as it only sends the currently required picture area in high resolution. The rest of the image is sent in a lower, screen optimized resolution.

Open attitude

The ONVIF standard ensures interoperability between devices in a system regardless of the manufacturer. Logipix is open for proper third-party devices. Any ONVIF-S camera can be connected to the Logipix NVR and the recorder could provide ONVIF-S video streams for third-party Video Management Software. Analog cameras can also be integrated into the Logipix end-to-end Surveillance Systems, by using Logipix Hybrid extension which forms a bridge between analog and IP-based devices.

Sizing your system

The system structure can grow with the needs of the current application field. Managing a few dozens of IP cameras is very common nowadays, but with Logipix, hundreds and even thousands of cameras can be integrated into a single IP-based surveillance system. If your business expands in the future, the structure of Logipix system can easily keep up with it.

Financial approach

You can replace dozens of full HD cameras with only a few multi-megapixel Logipix devices, significantly reducing the costs of installation, maintenance, and hardware. The intuitive video management software also saves valuable training time and cost.  

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