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Wrong-way violation

Wrong-way traffic violation detection

  • Automatic VCA detection of any vehicle that is heading into the oncoming traffic
  • Manage the complete workflow automatically from violation detection to creating a violation report
  • Machine recognition of license plates of the offending vehicles
  • Interfacing to Government database to identify the offender
  • Police interface
  • Automatic resolution reduction on the selected picture area in order to protect privacy rights
  • Automatic download of the relevant images
  • 24/7 operation, sharp and detailed license plates at night as well
  • Create probative visual evidence

LOGIPIX engineers have developed an embedded Video Content Analysis module to track the motion of the vehicles and accurately detect wrong-way traffic violations. Both the detection and the violation management processes are performed automatically. The detection method is based on extremely high resolution images that are produced by the LOGIPIX ONE 20 MP camera. The LOGIPIX System is able to automatically recognize license plates by the integrated ANPR module and query vehicle data from an external database to identify the offender. As an end result a detailed violation report is made wherewith local authorities can easily issue the traffic citation. 

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