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Speeding detection

Speeding violation detection

Logipix engineers developed a VCA and radar-based end-to-end solution that automatically detects speeding violations in multiple lanes regardless of the lighting condition.

The Logipix ONE 20 MP cameras, the VCA embedded in the Outdoor NVR, the Logipix IR Laser Flash and the Radar module efficiently complement each other to provide irrefutable visual evidence.

A single Logipix camera covers 3 lanes at the same time and provides a resolution that is high enough for automatic license plate recognition. The synchronized IR Flash ensures multiple illumination levels, therefore both reflective and non-reflective license plates are clearly visible at night.

The high-accuracy, automatic VCA uses the 20 MP images to detect vehicles within the monitored area. The non-intrusive Logipix Multilane 3D Radar works together with the camera and the VCA. It provides telegrams that contain the coordinates and the speed of up to seven vehicles, which are then matched with the detected vehicle objects.

This solution offers a complete and automatic workflow management from detection of the violation to the creation of detailed violation packages, moreover the system includes an easy-to-use Violation Management Client that ensures to evaluate the largest number of violations.

  • Logipix ONE 20 MP cameras
  • Outdoor Network Video Recorder with embedded VCA
  • Multilane 3D Radar for speed measurement
  • Synchronized IR Laser Flash with multiple power illumination mode to capture both reflective and non-reflective license plates at night
  • Interfacing with ANPR
  • Interfacing with external vehicle database and customer-managed lists (black list, white list)
  • Automatically compiled violation packages
  • Easy-to-use Violation Management Client software to maximize the number of processed violations.

Learn more about the violation management process in our end-to-end Traffic Violation Management solution

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