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Red light violation

Red light violation detection

  • Automatic VCA detection of red light violations
  • Automatic management of the workflow - from violation detection to creating a violation report
  • Recognition of the license plates of the violating vehicles
  • Interfacing to government databases to identify the violator
  • Police interface
  • Universal interface for connection to traffic light controllers
  • 24/7 operation
  • Providing irrefutable visual evidence

Logipix engineers have developed an automatic, VCA-based application for detecting red light violations. The VCA module is embedded in the Logipix Network Video Recorder. The content analysis is based on the images of Logipix ONE 20 MP surveillance camera. With the help of the VCA application all red light violations are captured easily and accurately. License plates of the offending vehicles can be clearly seen in the high-quality images, regardless of the time of the day. An integrated ANPR module recognizes the license plates. Optional interfaces help identifying the vehicles and provide vehicle and owner data. The high-resolution images of the violators together with the additional data ensure an irrefutable evidence for local authorities.

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