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Parking violation

Parking violation detection

  • Automatic VCA detection of any vehicle that violates parking rule
  • Atomantic management of the workflow - from violation detection to creating a violation report
  • Machine recognition of license plates of the violating vehicles
  • Interfacing to different government databases to identify the vehicle
  • Police interface
  • Automatic download of the relevant images
  • 24/7 operation, sharp and detailed license plates at night as well
  • Provide irrefutable visual evidence

Logipix have developed a VCA-based application that measures the presence of the vehicles within the configured parking area and automatically detects parking violations. Besides the security footage, the system saves the time vehicles spent in the selected area. The leading-edge 20 MP Logipix security cameras record exceptionally high-resolution streams that provide irrefutable evidence for the local authority. Further optional interfaces could provide exact vehicle details and additional information that help the confirmation process.

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