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Event Viewer

Event viewer client

Event Viewer

The event viewer client ensures the systematization, inspection, exportation and the printing process, considering the logs and events which are generated in different STP systems (Logipix, Access control, Surveillance and Video system).

Naturally the software provides a user-friendly interface, making the program perspicuous. The event viewer client accommodates users' needs, and easily manages filtering, grouping and presenting the events logged by the system.

For the purposes of post-processing, we can export the lists into TXT and CSV file formats, and it is possible to auto-forward the lists by email. The query of the logs can happen in detailed format with optional settlements.


The event viewer client provides the filtration of card events in reference to time, space (doors, group of doors and zones), persons or events. It is possible to filter persons through their own department as well.

The software contains a simplified timesheet, which can be analyzed for a given period on a graphic surface as well by the work time map. It is possible to show the visitor card logs (issued/revoked) in different aspects, and the movement of the visitor cards can also be listed. We can follow the card usage and track the issued but unused cards in a given period.


The system allows the download of default, pre-configured cameras’ recordings according to the filtered lists. The download can be related to access, event and alarm.


The alarm list can be queried from the detailed log.

The states of the fire alarm devices can be queried by different filtering methods as well.

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