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Configuration Client

Configuration client

Configuration client

This software performs the configuration of the system. It provides the registration of hardware devices and modifies their adjustments, in addition to managing program users. Thanks to its user-friendly design, data of people and cards can be easily registered, assigned, and authorized for the appropriate entry points.

There are several ways to enroll cards into the database. The most frequent method is to read card data from a predefined file. It is possible to quickly and easily register them via a card reader connected to a computer. New cards which have been introduced in an access control system can be enrolled from a log file.

Users can define organizational units in the software, which model the position of the cardholder in the organization. Virtual cards can be created and card containers can be defined, which represent cards that do not belong to anyone yet or belonged to persons who have left.

In this program peripherals of the system can be adjusted, the parameters of the attached external centers can be specified, and alarm partitions can be defined as well. This allows different sensors to be organized into units.

When the system configuration has changed, the server generates a new configuration for the devices, which will be activated after downloading.

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