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320 MP Panorama camera

Logipix developed the 320 MP Panorama camera specially for wide area surveillance. The device is a complex system of built-in camera-lens combinations in a massive enclosure. It can effectively monitor an 8 km2 area from a single view point. The camera delivers 320 MP resolution images with 20 fps. Sixteen camera-lens combinations ensure a ppm value that allows automatic human detection from a 3 km distance.

Stitched panoramic images

All the built-in cameras of the Logipix Panorama take their images synchronized which are then stitched together by a specially-developed software technology. They are not just simply overlapped, but geometrically transformed at the image borders, resulting in a glitch-free panoramic view. Operators usually hardly find the individual image borders within the picture. White balance correction is also performed on the panoramic images to smoothen the color gradient between the pictures.

Thermal control system

The Logipix ONE 320 MP Panorama camera is able to operate efficiently under extreme environmental conditions. No matter if the temperature gets very hot or cold, the complex thermal control system of the Panorama, including both active and passive components ensures the proper operating temperature.


The Logipix Panorama cameras can clean their front glasses by their own. The camera housing is equipped with an automatic self-cleaning system that consists of a built-in water tank with cleaning liquid and washers and wipers. The cleaning procedure can be scheduled and started automatically that significantly facilitate the maintenance of the device and reduce costs.

Modular design 

A single Logipix ONE 320 MP Panorama camera provides 40o field of view. The camera enclosures were designed to be able to join three of them together. The 3 panoramic images can be stitched together in the software, resulting in a huge panoramic image which resolution is close to 1 Gigapixel with 120o FOV.


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