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Triple optical filters

Triple optical filters of LOGIPIX ONE 20 MP

Multi-time exposition and extra wide dynamic range to efficiently display sunlit and low-lit areas in an imageLogipix ONE may contain three different optical filters, varying by its design. With these filters, the camera can achieve better optical performance in extreme environments and becomes suitable for special tasks.

Logipix ONE cameras can operate as DAY/NIGHT cameras to achieve 24/7 video surveillance. In this case the camera body contains an automatically movable IR filter in front of the sensor. The band filters out the undesirable long-wavelength light during the day, but lets it through at night to make use of it.

Logipix ONE with IR bandpass filter provides monitoring in extreme situations when only IR light is valuable. In these cases the camera works together with the Logipix IR flash that illuminates the target.

To learn more about the Logipix IR Flash click here.

Logipix ONE can capture stunning images even in poor visibility conditions such as fog, thanks to software-based gamma correction and optical edge enhancement.

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