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Logipix Hybrid Extension

Logipix Hybrid Extension

The Logipix Hybrid Extension provides the opportunity to connect analog cameras to the Logipix Multi-megapixel Video Surveillance System. Your existing analog security camera system can be integrated quickly and easily into the IP-based Logipix system.

LNVR Hybrid box



Logipix Hybrid Extensions are available in two designs. One of them is a box-mount version, the other is a rack-mount version. Depending on the number of video inputs, 8 or 16 individual analog cameras can be connected to the Rack-mount version, while the Box-mount design can receive the pictures of up to 24 analog cameras.

The integration of the box-mount version into the Logipix system is an easy task. The NVR can be connected to the router with a CAT5 Ethernet cable while the power supply is provided by the mains power. The connection of the Rack-mount version is even simpler, since both the data flow and its power supply is provided by the LPoE router of the LNVR via the CAT5 cable. Thanks to the user-friendly Logipix software, both extensions are easy to configure.

The Logipix Hybrid Extensions digitize the pictures of the analog cameras frame by frame, and compress them using the JPEG2000 standard. Thanks to the high-definition specially-developed signal processor, the extensions can record in D1 – the best possible resolution. The rack-mount version provides 100 or 200 FPS recording speed depending on its exact design. This value can reach 300 FPS with the box-mount version. The Hybrid Extensions use the storage system of the enterprise class LNVR to archive their recordings. A single LNVR is capable of receiving and storing the video stream of 128 analog cameras.

The Hybrid Extension devices have audio inputs, which digitize the incoming audio signals at a 24 kHz sampling rate and with a bit depth of 16. The number of audio inputs depends on the requirements.

The Hybrid Extensions provide a hardware motion detection function. The signal processor works with the digitized, uncompressed pictures, therefore its reliability does not depend on the compression rate. Three motion areas can be defined with different settings on the camera pictures. 

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