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PTZ control on the panoramic image

PTZ control on the panoramic image

LOGIPIX hereby proudly announce its special application which combines the benefits of the multi-megapixel panoramic images and the pictures of the Full HD PTZ cameras. The revolutionary PointIT PTZ control function has been developed to accelerate and facilitate the control of the cameras and so does the work of the operators.

The LOGIPIX multi-megapixel panoramic video system and the Full HD PTZ cameras can form a more effective and complete system as they can be joined together. PTZ cameras are linked to the panoramic system, which means the panoramic images and the pictures of the PTZ cameras are measured together by common predefined picture points. Owing to these reference points the Full HD PTZ cameras can be controlled by designating an exact area on the panoramic image. The designation can be performed comfortably by the mouse pointer or even by touchscreen gestures. For the effect of this action, the appropriate PTZ camera accurately turns to and zooms in the pointed area.

Any incident can be detected easily in the multi-megapixel panoramic images. Once the scene has been noticed, the operator can turn Full HD PTZ cameras smoothly to the critical area by the PointIT controlling function to retrieve high resolution (1000 pixel/meter) images in special zoom windows. Having more detailed video stream from different angles help the operators to make the right decisions in an anxious situation.

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