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Logipix ONE 200MP Panoramic



The exclusive flagship camera of LOGIPIX is able to cover immense areas with extraordinary resolution from a single view point. The device produces 200 megapixel images wherein every detail is clearly visible in all light conditions.

LOGIPIX ONE 180 Panorama Camera 200 MP provides high speed, 20 FPS frame rate at full resolution. It consists of ten specially constructed LOGIPIX ONE 20 MP cameras, that are located in a uniquely designed, industrial camera house.

The panorama camera provides all the benefits that comes with the high-end large format sensors, namely extra wide dynamic range, improved low-light performance and high sensitivity. Large panoramic images ensure an expanded view. Operators can continuously observe the whole monitored area at once without redundant or hidden areas. The realistic character of the images combined with huge resolution ensures a quality that is suitable for face recognition even from great distances.

The thermal control of the electronic components is performed by an integrated heat pipe cooling system. Optionally the camera house can be completed with an automatic self-cleaning system that consists of a tank with the cleaning liquid and the dispenser system and wipers at every camera windows.

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