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Features of LOGIPIX ONE

Features of LOGIPIX ONE

After a point the value of megapixels doesn't matter. What really counts in picture quality improvemet is the size of the image sensor. At the heart of LOGIPIX ONE a cutting-edge 1 inch sensor sits and serves the camera to capture stunning images. It has a 14 MP resolution and owing to its larger size, the camera provides more detailed images with sharper edges and improved low-light performance. Able to gain more light information, LOGIPIX ONE is capable to provide images with less noise and enormously wide dynamic range even in low-lit environments. Image quality improvement is not the only benefit that the device brings. It produces a 20 FPS video stream at full resolution, therefore any motion in the footage appears to be continuous. The camera uses the scalable JPEG2000 compression standard, and transfers the images through a Gigabit port.

1 inch sensor had never been used in security cameras before. LOGIPIX ONE is undoubtedly a leading edge multi-megapixel camera that is ready to revolutionize the video surveillance industry.

>> Download data sheet for LPIX-ONE-DNI 

>> Download data sheet for LPIX-ONE-DNV 

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