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Logipix NVR 3rd generation

Logipix NVR 3rd generation

Logipix is proud to announce the new generation of NVRs that were specially designed to record the images of the Logipix ONE cameras. As these cameras provide 20-200 MP resolution images at 20 FPS, the NVRs have to face with a real challenge, namely to reliably record this huge amount of data.

All the 3rd generation NVRs are built with high-performance hardware elements, therefore they can provide a 7 Gbit/sec recording speed which ensures the trouble-free recording of the high-resolution and high FPS image streams. All the NVRs have a standard storage capacity of up to 160 TB, which is important in case of a relatively large image size. However the NVRs remain bandwidth effective in the image transmission towards the monitoring center, as they use the JPEG2000 standard for image compression, and utilize its scalability feature.



The NVRs are available in different versions that serves different camera components and solutions. One of them can be expanded with two Logipix external storage devices, therefore reaching a total of 480 TB storage capacity. Two of the 3rd generation NVRs features embedded Video Content Analysis and can be used for central recording in traffic violation management solutions.


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