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Logipix Full HD Long Range PTZ

Logipix Long Range PTZ

Logipix long range PTZLogipix Long Range PTZ offers numerous benefits. The camera comes with a 1/2” CMOS sensor and a self developed image processor producing Full HD video stream at 12 FPS. It has a long range varifocal 13 – 320 mm lens which ensures 24x optical zoom. The camera is able to provide license plate number and face recognition from even 600 meters away which is 3 times farther then in case of Logipix Full HD PTZ.

The device is perfect to monitor critical areas from great distances. Pan tilt zoom options and the Control Center's unique PointIT PTZ control function enable the operator to smoothly observe the desired environment. Logipix full HD Long Range PTZ provide effective object tracking according to its dependable accuracy and incredibly fast positioning.

The camera can be strategically installed of sight at an undetectable location far away from the observed location which helps to prevent any violent abuse on the device.

Logipix Long Range PTZ uses JPEG2000 for image compression, therefore even a low bandwidth network is sufficient to transmit the video stream.

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