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Interactive Cooperating Zoom

Interactive Cooperating Zoom Function

This feature ensures smart cooperation between the Logipix system and HD PTZ cameras. Interactive Cooperating Zoom Function is specially designed for stadium surveillance, but there are several other application areas where it can be extremely useful. The cooperative zoom function is based on a 3D coordinate system which points are based on the picture of the multi-megapixel Logipix Panorama cameras (or any other Logipix camera picture). Actually the operator is using the Logipix camera picture on the Video Monitor to interactively control additional HD PTZ cameras.

The whole monitored area, which is covered by the Logipix camera pictures is mapped by several pre-defined specific points of the observed object. Based on these guidance points the HD PTZ cameras can find the appointed area. The operators select a desired area on the Logipix camera picture and the appropriate HD PTZ camera is going to turn to that direction and optically zoom in the area according to the selection. The video stream of the HD PTZ cameras are visualized in separate zoom windows on the Video Monitor.

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