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320 MP Panorama camera

320 MP Panorama camera

Logipix took a step further in the concept of Panorama cameras. We designed the modular 320 MP Panorama camera, which efficiently covers an 8 km2 area from a single viewpoint, allows automatic human detection from 3 kilometers away and provides 20 fps. Its massive enclosure is the result of a well-considered engineering concept.

Owing to its full metal, IP66 enclosure, sun shields and built-in Thermal control system, the camera is able to resist even extreme environmental conditions. It can effectively monitor wide areas, providing a high-resolution virtual wall, that creates the basis of accurate Video Content Analysis. Its modular design allows for joining three devices together resulting in a 120o FOV and 1 Gigapixel image resolution.

Just as the 200 MP Panorama camera this type also has a self-cleaning system that significantly facilitates maintenance and reduces costs.

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