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New Development

The Logipix Airside Video Monitoring Solution has arrived

Logipix redefined video monitoring at the airside. Our new solution provides full video coverage at the apron, taxiways and runways with extreme high resolution and delivers intelligent Video Content Analysis functions in order to make ground support operation more effective.

The end-to-end system features high-end 200-320 MP Panorama cameras, high-speed Network Video Recorders and a specially developed software package. It is possible to implement our system according to three different concepts based on different complexity levels.

At the first level the solution realizes high-end visual enhancement for the ground controllers at the airside. At the second level Logipix provides automatic detection, classification and tracking of both cooperative and non-cooperative objects within the monitored area. At the highest level of complexity the system delivers decision making support by virtually applying airside rules in the system and automatically alerting controllers based on advanced computer vision technologies.

Learn more about the Logipix Airside Video Monitoring Solution here.

320 MP Panorama camera

Logipix took a step further in the concept of Panorama cameras. We designed the modular 320 MP Panorama camera, which efficiently covers an 8 km2 area from a single viewpoint, allows automatic human detection from 3 kilometers away and provides 20 fps. Its massive enclosure is the result of a well-considered engineering concept.

Owing to its full metal, IP66 enclosure, sun shields and built-in Thermal control system, the camera is able to resist even extreme environmental conditions. It can effectively monitor wide areas, providing a high-resolution virtual wall, that creates the basis of accurate Video Content Analysis. Its modular design allows for joining three devices together resulting in a 120o FOV and 1 Gigapixel image resolution.

Just as the 200 MP Panorama camera this type also has a self-cleaning system that significantly facilitates maintenance and reduces costs.

Learn more of the Logipix ONE 320 MP Panorama camera

Logipix Airport Video Monitoring solution

Our new end-to-end system has arrived. Logipix released the Airport Video Monitoring solution that is intended to ensure an effectively controlled and secured environment at airports.

Logipix ONE 200 MP Panorama camera with wiper – white design

Logipix released a new design for the 200 MP Panorama camera, which is not only about the appearance, but a necessary and effective engineering concept. The new white colored Panorama was designed to operate reliably in exceedingly hot and sunny environments.

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