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About Us

About Us

Logipix Technical Development Ltd. is a privately-held company established in 1996 in Budapest, Hungary.

The company was founded by two development engineers. Initially, the primary profile of the company was to develop and produce access control systems. Later, thanks to our immense experience, we began creating complex security surveillance solutions.

Over the years, Logipix grew into the international company that it is today – one of the most innovative developers and manufacturers of end-to-end security solutions in the world. Today the main profile of the company is to provide IP-based, high-end video surveillance solutions. Our systems can handle large projects and adapt to customer needs while keeping costs at bay.



Logipix 200 MP Panorama white design

Logipix released a new design for the 200 MP Panorama camera, which not only changed the appearance but constituted a necessary and effective engineering concept. The new white Panorama was designed to operate reliably in hot and sunny environments.  


Logipix Multi-lane Speed Radar

Logipix developed a monopulse, multi-lane radar for speeding detection. It is can accurately measure the speed of several vehicles in multiple lanes.


Logipix 500W IR Laser Flash

Logipix released its newest IR Flash for the Logipix Traffic Violation Management solution. It has variable output power that can be increased up to 500W. Both reflective and non-reflective license plates can be detected, since the IR Flash is able to work alternately with various flash powers.   


Logipix Airport Video Surveillance solution

Logipix developed an end-to-end video surveillance solution to effectively monitor all airport areas. Considering the specific structure of airports, Logipix engineers were able to optimize both hardware and software components to ensure simple and easy monitoring.

  Logipix 5 km Long Range PTZ

Logipix 5 km Long Range PTZ was designed to provide detailed images of target objects, even at great distances. The camera delivers an exceptional quality image stream with full HD resolution and 25 FPS imaging speed. The built-in IR Laser illuminator ensures detailed images even in pitch-black lighting conditions.


Logipix Safe and Smart City solution

In 2016 Logipix created an end-to-end solution that conforms to contemporary smart city concepts. We combined our city video surveillance and traffic violation management solutions into a single complex system. Thanks to our comprehensive approach to traffic and city security, citizens can live in a safer urban environment and drive on safer roads. 


Logipix 6 MP PTZ

Logipix engineers developed a PTZ camera that has a uniquely high resolution among PTZ cameras. It ensures 25 FPS imaging speed at full resolution. The device delivers exceptional image quality at night as well, thanks to its built-in, combined LED and Laser IR illuminator system. 


Logipix NVR Outdoor

The Logipix NVR Outdoor is the newest Logipix Network Video Recorder. It was specially developed for on-site recording tasks. With its IP65 rated outdoor enclosure, it resists even the most extreme weather conditions.


Logipix 200 MP Panorama

The Logipix 200 MP Panorama camera delivers full resolution images at an imaging speed of 20 FPS. It provides a wide panoramic view from a single viewpoint and an image quality that allows face recognition even at a great distance. Its outdoor camera housing ensures that the camera performs well under all conditions. 


LNVR Second Generation

Logipix engineers developed the second generation of rack-mounted NVRs, which can serve up to 16 individual Logipix 15 MP cameras at the same time without limiting the camera performance.


Logipix Traffic Violation Management solution

We started developing Logipix traffic solutions based on Video Content Analysis, which can automatically detect, record and register violating vehicles. This helps achieve safer, faster roads and ensures a more reliable and convenient law enforcement procedure.


Logipix ONE 20 MP

The 20 MP model is the latest addition to the Logipix ONE camera family. Thanks to the 1ʺ sensor and an imaging speed of 20 FPS at full resolution, the camera produces more detailed images with sharper edges and features improved low-light performance. The camera also contains a triple optical filter.


Logipix 140 MP Panorama

The Logipix 140 MP Panorama camera is a high-end security camera that produces a video stream  with images of 140 MP resolution at an imaging speed of 20 FPS. It can effectively monitor wide areas from a single viewpoint. 


Logipix IR Flash

Logipix developed an IR Flash for traffic solutions in order to capture clear and sharp images of license plates even at night. It works in sync with the Logipix ONE cameras and illuminates the monitored objects at every recorded frame. 


Logipix ONE 14 MP

Logipix started the year with the release of Logipix ONE 14 MP. We developed a camera that contains a groundbreaking 1ʺ sensor and provides a 20 FPS recording speed at full resolution. 


4th generation Walk-DVR

The 4th generation Walk-DVR has a special hybrid recording system which contains two notebook HDDs and an SSD, ensuring trouble-free recording even in extreme conditions. 



Logipix developed a Full HD PTZ camera. Thanks to a specially developed application, Full HD PTZ cameras can be navigated via panoramic images by selecting an area. The Logipix Stadium Surveillance system is based on Logipix 15 MP box and Full HD PTZ cameras working together.


Logipix Stadium Video Surveillance solution

Logipix created an end-to-end solution that provides full coverage of stadiums from perimeter areas to seats. Stitched virtual panoramic images make monitoring easy and transparent. The image quality ensures face recognition at all seats. Thanks to our special image stitching technology there are no hidden or redundant areas in the stadiums. 


150 MP Panorama camera

The 100 and 150 MP Panorama camera was created to make surveillance in vast areas much easier. The main idea was that using Logipix Panorama cameras operators do not need to handle many different images, only one panoramic image.


15 MP ABF camera

We introduced our 15 MP camera this year. This Logipix device has a unique feature, the Auto Back Focus module. This ensures an easier and more convenient installation, since it can automatically change the position of the sensor to set the right focus and provide clear and sharp images.  


Logipix 9MP SATA

Logipix SATA is a high resolution security camera that can record images locally on a SATA hard drive. With this device even a low-bandwidth network can be used for remote monitoring. 


Logipix City Video Surveillance solution

In 2009, Logipix developed an end-to-end video surveillance solution to ensure a safer and more livable environment in cities. High-end IP security cameras provide 24/7 monitoring through the entire city to prevent crime and generate irrefutable video evidence for authorities. 


Hybrid extension

The LNVR Hybrid extension was designed so that IP-based Logipix Video Surveillance systems can be extended with analog cameras. Depending on the configuration, 8 or 16 analog cameras can be connected to it. The device can be of box- or rack-type. The task of the storage device management is carried out by the Logipix NVR, which may contain 4, 8 or 20 HDDs.


Logipix 9.1 D/N camera

The Logipix 9.1 Day/Night security camera was developed to make surveillance easy and reliable not only during the day but also in dark or changing light conditions. 


LNVR 1st Generation

The Logipix Network Video Recorder was developed for the high speed recording of Logipix camera images. The LNVR was specially designed to be able to handle several camera images and have a large storage capacity. 


9MP Logipix IP cameras

Our company started developing Logipix security cameras in this year. Our main goal was to produce a high-resolution IP security camera at the price of analog cameras. The key element of the Logipix camera development was the MPX9 digital signal processor. Thanks to its compression engine, the camera was able to send full-resolution streams to the recorder and low-resolution streams to the monitoring computers at the same time.



The Walk-DVR-CF mobile video recorder was specially designed for mobile applications. Its innovative Hybrid Video Storage System combines the advantages of large capacity HDDs and Compact Flashcards.



Logipix released the Walk-DVR, a small and powerful digital video recorder specially designed for the recording and storing of analog camera images in mobile applications and similar environments when a small size is required.


Control Center

We developed the Control Center, an integrated surveillance and video management software for displaying and editing the high-resolution footage of Logipix IP cameras. The Logipix Control Center significantly simplified the supervisory and surveillance work.



We developed SComplex based on our successful access control system. This equipment integrated our video recorder, access control, and intruder alarm function into a single device. The three systems could be handled with one single software.


IP Access Controller

We started developing a new access controller with the following technical characteristics: 32bit/100MHz ARM CPU, 32Mbyte RAM, 10Mbit Ethernet, Linux-like real-time operating system. 


Time & Attendance software

We released a Time & Attendance software, which was necessary in almost every company for tracking employee movement and working time.

Our company started developing and manufacturing the software and hardware elements of the STP Access Control system. This system was able to operate even in remote buildings with thousands of access points.

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