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Exhibitions 2019

Exhibition news 2019


NAIS 2019, Moscow

Logipix had a great exhibition at NAIS 2019, which was held in Moscow between the 6th and the 7th of February. This exhibition gave us the chance to demonstrate the latest intelligent technologies of the Logipix Airside Video Monitoring Solution to a dedicated crowd of professionals who are specially interested in the aviation industry.

We have learned and researched the very special needs of airports for many years now and using this knowledge we are continuously developing new features and functions that make airside ground operations more effective and accident-free.

All of our visitors were amazed of the advanced technologies of Logipix and many of them looked forward to the possibility of more efficient airports in the future.

Learn more about our Airport Video Monitoring solution here.


World ATM 2019, Madrid

World ATM Congress 2019 was a pleasant experience for us again. It was the second time that we exhibited at this event, where a lot of professionals from the aviation industry had the chance to meet our groundbreaking developments.

We can say, many of them were amazed watching our videos about the latest intelligent Logipix functions, operating in a real airside environment. The 20 fps, 200-320 MP geometrically stitched panoramic image streams attracted many curious gazes, representing how vast areas can be covered with extreme high resolution, using only a single camera.

We also received a lot of feedback on the strong presence of Logipix around thematic, aviation-specific exhibitions that starts to build a strong trust in our visitors.

Learn more about our Airport Video Monitoring solution here.



It’s been the third time that Logipix exhibited at one of the most important exhibitions in the field of security in Russia. Sekurica, MIPS 2019 has just ended, where we made an exciting and successful show.

Our impressive stand attracted many curious professionals from various sectors of security industries. All of our visitors were astonished watching Logipix videos taken by our 200-320 MP Panorama Cameras. It was really exciting to present the latest computer vision technologies of Logipix, that define the future of video monitoring and surveillance.



Logipix made a great show at Smart Cities India 2019 Expo. It was the 4th time for us in a role to be participated in this exhibition, so we had a bit of homecoming when our stand got its final form.

Based on many feedback we succeeded designing an impressive stand that attracted numerous curious gazes. The stand was only the first step in arousing interest, but our latest Smart City and Traffic Violation Detection solutions truly caught the visitors’ attention.

They had the chance to check the capabilities of our system watching video demonstrations on huge displays. Videos on automatic Traffic Violation Detection solutions convinced the audience that Logipix can take an indispensable role in building the cities of future.

Learn more about our Smart City and Traffic Violation Detection solutions.


Inter Airport Europe 2019


It has been the second time that Logipix exhibited at Inter Airport Europe and just as the first appearance of us, the 2019 expo was also a great success for our company.

Since 2017 our solution evolved increasingly and a load of new intelligent features have been developed. This exhibition offered a great opportunity to showcase our high-end Panorama cameras and advanced functions based on Video Content Analysis.

If you missed it or you would like to watch it again, please check our new videos on our youtube channel.

Milipol Paris 2019

Milipol Paris 2019 was a brand new experience for Logipix and we liked it all. The expo is the most prominent event dedicated to homeland security. According to many appreciative feedback we were able to make an exciting show there and represent how high-end video monitoring technology can perform in open-air, rugged environments.

We showcased our latest 320 MP Panorama Camera and demonstrated the capabilities of the Logipix Video Content Analysis, which is able to detect, classify and track objects even kilometers away.

To recap memories of the show watch our video of the Logipix Border Surveillance Solution


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