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Exhibitions 2018

Exhibition news 2018


NAIS 2018, Moscow

We had a great time at NAIS 2018, Moscow, where we had the opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of our high-end Airport Video Monitoring solution. The many surprised and convinced glimpses among the audience proved that we have brought something new into the industry.


NAIS is an important event related to various segments of aviation and a great opportunity for us to demonstrate our Airport Video Monitoring solution.

World ATM Congress 2018, Madrid

It was the first time for us to represent ourselves at the World ATM Congress in Madrid, but we really enjoyed the vibe of the exhibition. The Logipix stand had three busy days and we can proudly say that our visitors were fascinated by the Logipix Airport Monitoring solution.

Read more about the Logipix Airport Monitoring solution.

Intertraffic 2018, Amsterdam

We are proud to be recurrent exhibitors at Intertraffic Amsterdam. We spent four busy days there, experienced a constant flow of visitors, and had many valuable conversations with potential customers.

Read more about the Logipix Traffic Violation Management solution.

Securika Moscow, MIPS 2018

This was the second time that we visited Moscow in 2018, and it was also our second time exhibiting at Securika Moscow, MIPS. This year we presented our latest video surveillance and monitoring innovations in several different application fields.

Learn more about our end-to-end solutions.

4th Smart Cities India 2018

The 4th Smart Cities India Expo has ended, and we left Pragati Maidan with confidence about success. We had the chance to represent our futuristic vision about video surveillance and monitoring technologies in Smart Cities, which are crucially important nowadays in emerging Indian urban areas. Logipix had one of the most impressive stands in the venue and it attracted loads of visitors. It was great to perceive that Logipix is now widely known and is becoming a strong brand in India.

Learn more about our Safe and Smart City solution.

IFSEC International 2018, London

For years now, Logipix is a recurrent exhibitor at IFSEC International. In 2018 we enticed numerous visitors again with an eye-catching stand and impressive video demonstrations. Thanks to its notable design, Logipix Panorama always attracts curious gazes. But appearance is only the first impression, the technology behind is far more exciting. Featuring 200-320 MP resolution, 20 fps image stream and self-maintenance technology, these devices create a strong base for our game-changing video surveillance solutions which are specially created for different industrial areas. Completed with intelligent VCA technologies our systems are ready to determine the future of video surveillance.

Learn more about the Logipix Panorama solutions

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