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LOGIPIX Mobile Video Recorders

LOGIPIX Mobile Video Recorders

LOGIPIX Mobile Video Recorders are small triplex digital video recorders with low energy consumption. Walk-DVRs and Walk-NVR provide all the services that traditional DVRs do, but thanks to their mobile design and unique features, they are suitable for additional special tasks.

Whether the task at hand is a surveillance challenge involving moving vehicles on rails or heavy roads, or ATM surveillance where small size detection is essential, our mobile video recorders do their job efficiently and effortlessly.

Walk-DVRs receive and enhance the quality of analog images, while Walk-NVR serves IP cameras. The evolution of Walk-DVRs has led to technical perfection, informed by real-life needs. We built all of these features, and more, into Walk-NVR as well.

The Hybrid Video Storage System with CF cards and SSD both allow reliable operation even in critical environments. This includes the ability to operate with high vibration burden and high temperatures. Tracing the device and receiving location data is made seamless by the built-in GPS. All types of Walk-DVRs, as well as the Walk-NVR, use the wavelet-based JPEG2000 standard for image compression. The video streams can be retrieved from the devices by direct computer browsing via LAN, Wi-Fi or even GPRS connection.

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