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LOGIPIX Panorama Cameras

Logipix ONE 200MP Panoramic IP Camera

Logipix ONE Panoramic Camera with wiper

The Logipix ONE 200 MP Panorama camera is able to effectively monitor vast areas from a single viewpoint. The device delivers 200 MP resolution with a high frame rate video stream, which forms a revolutionary quality improvement in video surveillance. The specially developed camera housing contains ten Logipix ONE 20 MP cameras. Therefore the panorama camera provides all the benefits that come with their high-end large format sensors: high sensitivity, extra wide dynamic range, and improved low-light performance. Large panoramic images ensure an expanded view without hidden or redundant areas. They provide high-quality security footage of the whole monitored area. More than a hundred megapixels of visual information ensures a resolution that is suitable for face recognition even at a great distance.

The Logipix Panorama camera housing can be equipped with optional passive and active thermal control. It can also be completed with an automatic self-cleaning system that consists of a water tank with cleaning liquid, a dispenser system and wipers for every camera window.

The cooling system of the Panorama cameras

There are two options for the thermal control of Logipix ONE Panorama cameras. In less extreme thermal environments a passive cooling system is sufficient. In this case, a heat pipe system is used. The heat energy from the dissipating electric components makes the water in the heat pipes evaporate and deliver heat energy toward the heatsinks, which are cooled by fans. There the water cools down, turns to fluid and moves back to the heated parts to complete a full cycle.

In other environments the temperature can get very high. In this case the Panorama camera can also be equipped with an active cooling system, the so-called Thermoelectric Peltier Cooler. The active cooling system transfers heat from inside the device to the outside by electrical energy consumption.

Features of Logipix ONE Panorama  

  • Resolution: 55040(H) x 3648(V)
  • Effective resolution: 50167(H) x 3648(V)
  • Frame rate: 20 fps at 200 MP
  • Operating modes: Day / Night - synchronized change on all cameras
  • Video compression: JPEG2000 - Wavelet (MPX24 Signal Processor)
  • Image sensor: 10 pcs of 1-inch color 20 Megapixel CMOS
  • Scanning system: Progressive, no interlaced scanning
  • Sensitivity: 0.02 lux F1.4 Day mode or 0.002 lux F1.4 Night mode
  • Gain control: Fix, auto, blur or noise priority
  • Backlight compensation: Whole picture or any area selectable
  • Angle of view: 180°(H) x 14.2°(V)
  • In/outputs: External IR illuminator control (synchronized with Day/Night change), 2 programmable in- or outputs
  • Sound in/output (Optional): 1ch external 24 kHz / 16bit
  • Intelligence: Integrated motion detection
  • Ethernet: 10Gbps SFP+ socket
  • Protection classification: IP66
  • Cooling system: Passive heatpipe, Active fans and Peltier
  • Heating system: Active automatic
  • Cleaning system (Optional): Wiper with washer fluid pump and 5 liters internal tank

For technical specification please find the data sheet of the product. >> Download

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