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LOGIPIX ONE Camera Family

Logipix ONE Camera Family

Logipix software components are designed wisely, with built-in features that facilitate and accelerate operator decisions with regard to the specific requirements of different application areas. Whether the task at hand it is a confirmation process for automatically detected traffic violations, or a real-time monitoring task in The Logipix ONE camera family was designed to satisfy several complex tasks in the world of video surveillance. The cameras are made with a 1ʺ sensor that enables them to deliver stunningly detailed images.

The larger sensor brings better low-light performance, higher sensitivity and a resolution usually only found in professional DSLR cameras.

The cameras can cover large outdoor areas and provide a resolution that is high enough for face recognition in the entire monitored area. They produce 20 and 14 MP images at a 20 FPS frame rate. Their pictures are individually compressed with JPEG2000, so image quality is independent of content change.

The high-end security cameras create a high frame rate video stream at a high resolution, so object tracking and video content analysis is more accurate. The specially-developed functions in the Logipix Control Center make it possible for the cameras to detect common traffic violations and provide license plate recognition. Special optical filters and a picture enhancement algorithm for foggy or rainy conditions also facilitate monitoring

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