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Logipix Network Video Recorders

The LNVRs are the high performance network video recorders of Logipix end-to-end solutions. They are specially designed to receive, record and store high-resolution image streams from the Logipix cameras.

The Logipix NVRs are available in different designs and configurations to effectively fulfill various security tasks. The product range covers recorder devices for all types of Logipix cameras.

The 2nd generation of NVRs were developed to primarily serve the 15 MP cameras.

The 3rd generation is best suited to Logipix ONE devices. The Outdoor NVR was designed for special on-site recording tasks, as its enclosure is able to resist extreme weather conditions.

All the NVRs boast an incredibly fast recording speed and a large storage capacity that meets the storage requirements of the high-end Logipix cameras.

As the NVRs primarily use the JPEG2000 compression standard for video compression, they make the entire system bandwidth-effective. Using the scalability of JPEG2000, the recorders are able to send only the required zoom areas in high resolution toward the monitoring center, while the rest of the images are transferred in a screen-optimized resolution.

Outdoor NVRs and some of the 3rd generation NVRs are available with high-precision, embedded VCA, which significantly facilitates surveillance and automates traffic violation detection.

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