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LOGIPIX 15 MP Camera Family

Logipix 15 MP camera family

Products in the Logipix 15 MP camera family share one important feature: they provide a high image resolution.

Logipix 15 MP is an excellent product for video surveillance in constant lightning conditions.

Logipix 15 MP Day/Night in dome and box version is the perfect choice for seeing in varying lighting conditions. Logipix 15 MP is also available in dome housing and with audio extension.

Logipix 15 MP ABF has an automatic focusing module which can significantly decrease the camera installation time.

Logipix 15 MP D/N ABF SATA has a built-in NVR function and a connected SATA HDD, allowing the camera to operate without a centralized NVR.



Data Sheet

Part No. Design ABF Day/Night Sound SATA Lens Data Sheet
LPIX15-01 Box     o   w/o Download
LPIX15-DN-01  Box    o   w/o Download
LPIX15-DN-02 Dome       f=3.9-10 mm; F=1.8 Download
LPIX15-01-ABF Box    o   w/o Download
LPIX15-DN-01-ABF Box  o o w/o Download
LPIX15-DN-02-ABF Dome     f=3.9-10 mm; F=1.8 Download

 : included
o  : optional
    : not available

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