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Airport Video Monitoring solution

Airport security and logistic challenges

Airports around the world are under constant stress due to strict time schedules. Air traffic is continuously increasing, which also generates a busy ground support service.

Furthermore, airports must deal with serious security issues as they are permanently exposed to internal and external threats.

In such environments even the smallest mistake can lead to a fatal accident, so it is essential to effectively monitor all areas of an airport and react quickly to critical situations with well-organized steps.

The aim of the Logipix Airport Video Surveillance solution

Logipix developed an end-to-end multi-purpose solution that is able to aid ground support and aircraft logistics and also to help security staff in protecting passengers, personnel and assets in all airport areas.

Operators of different airport departments can see and quickly react to critical situations, thus preventing accidents and various kinds of criminal activity.

Hardware & software components

Logipix Airport Video Monitoring components

  • Logipix 200 MP Panorama cameras with 20 FPS
  • Logipix ONE 20 MP cameras with 20 FPS
  • Logipix IR Flash 500Wh
  • Logipix 6 MP PTZ cameras
  • Logipix Long Range PTZ 5 km
  • Logipix Network Video Recorder
  • Logipix Airport Video Server Software package
  • Logipix GPS Positioning interface
  • Logipix Airport Video Client
  • Logipix Airport Video Wall Client

Features & functions

  • Real-time monitoring with full resolution images
  • Panoramic images with image synchronization and white balance correction
  • Windowless ramp control
  • VCA and GPS based object tracking
  • Tagging and labeling
  • Virtual layers and User notes
  • Fast evidence search and archive playback functions
  • License plate detection
  • Interface for ANPR
  • Interface for customer-managed lists (blacklist, whitelist, etc.)
  • JPEG2000 compression standard
  • Unique PTZ control functions
  • ePTZ function
  • PPM expansion

Seeing more with fewer cameras

A key component of the solution is the 200 MP Logipix Panorama cameras. These cameras monitor vast areas from a single viewpoint, so operators get a clear view of the entire monitored area. Logipix panoramic technology makes it possible to geometrically stitch together images of individual sensors that built into the Panorama camera house. The images are taken in a synchronized fashion which precludes the possibility of duplicated or hidden objects. White balance correction smoothens the color gradient between the images.

The easy-to-handle large panoramic images provide full coverage without the need to install thousands of traditional security cameras. The system implementation is therefore time and cost-effective. Operators can quickly scan through the entire monitored area at once, without needing to split their focus between many camera images. With Logipix, fewer cameras are needed to cover the entire airport.

20 MP single sensor box cameras, 6 MP PTZ cameras and 5 km long range PTZ cameras are also used for monitoring.

The PTZ cameras can work together with the Panorama cameras, and can be controlled easily by selecting the area of interest on the panoramic image. Operators can also control the PTZ cameras by clicking on the required area of an associated map or by using the mouse-controlled joystick emulation function. The Airport Video Client also provides automatic PTZ tours with a repeating camera cycle, or with random, predefined positions and time intervals so camera movements are unpredictable to outsiders.

Getting more details

ePTZ function

Logipix ePTZ function is an automatic zoom function. Areas can be defined within the panoramic image and during pre-configured trigger events the defined areas appear on the monitor profiles in special zoom windows.

PPM expansion

Logipix developed the PPM expansion function with a special consideration for airport security. There are always priority areas within a monitored environment. A Logipix ONE camera can be configured with a high PPM value that allows operators to observe specific areas at an even higher resolution.

Aiding airport logistics

The Logipix Airport Video Monitoring solution greatly facilitates the logistic tasks of aircraft and Ground Support Equipment.

The system visually covers the entire airside area by using 200 MP Panorama cameras and 6 MP PTZ cameras. All moving objects can be clearly identified and tracked using advanced VCA. Logipix provides enormous image resolution, offers hardware-driven VCA, and features several intelligent functions to help operators.

Windowless Ramp Control

The Logipix solution supports the expeditious management of aircraft on the ground and their surrounding Ground Support Equipment. Panorama cameras with hundreds of megapixels form a new base for observation. Instead of looking through a window with their naked eyes or with binoculars, operators watch high resolution images on a video wall and on monitors at their workstations.

Airplanes and Ground Support Equipment can be easily tracked in the entire airside area even in low lighting and bad weather conditions, including at night. Aircraft movement can be monitored from the moment of landing until next take off. The system features VCA-based object recognition, and can also interoperate with the A-SMGCS which provides GPS coordinates and other information on moving objects. The received information is then matched with the VCA-recognized objects on the panoramic images.
This allows the system to realize GPS-based object labeling. Namely the aircraft registration numbers, call signs, destination information and IDs of ground support vehicles equipped with GPS position transponders can be displayed with the camera images.

Virtual layers can be drawn on the panoramic images. They can either be predefined (eg. outline of a parking position) or dynamically added (eg. temporarily closed areas). Layers can be private or visible to all operators.

User notes can also be recorded on the video display for instance to list which services have already been performed on an airplane.

Airfield Operation Control

The 200 MP Panorama camera provides real-time, high-resolution visual information of the airfield and supports all maintenance works. Operators can use the advanced zoom functions of the Airport Video Client, allowing them to observe the entire area, as if they were using binoculars.

Archive footage

Images can be tagged by operators to make search easier during archive playback. In case of any negligence or accident, the situation can be investigated by watching the quality archive footage. For instance if a small damage is discovered on the airplane during maintenance service, details of the case can be brought to light using the high-resolution images. Any frame of the stored video stream may be used as irrefutable visual evidence.

One system for several departments

The Logipix Airport Video Monitoring solution is able to serve several departments. It can transfer the pictures to various places, allowing (for instance) security personnel, fire departments and disaster recovery services to log in at the same time and retrieve high resolution images.

Security Video Surveillance Areas

Main access roads

The Logipix Airport Video Surveillance solution covers the road leading to the airport and its surroundings with high-resolution images, ensuring a safe environment 24/7. By combining 20 MP Logipix ONE cameras, license plate detection by VCA and ANPR, it is possible to filter out blacklisted vehicles already on the main access road.

Parking lots

Operators can observe parking lots by watching single panoramic images. They can also obtain detailed images thanks to the high resolution and the optical zoom capabilities of the Logipix 6 MP PTZ. If any large objects such as trees hide parts of the observed parking lot, additional Logipix ONE cameras can be used to cover the missing areas.


Once passengers have entered the terminal, operators can monitor passenger actions and movements throughout the airport building with high-resolution fixed and PTZ cameras. Several monitor profiles and preconfigured virtual camera tours help the operators conveniently follow the natural, most probable flow of people.


Logipix Panorama and PTZ cameras on the apron are also suitable for security video surveillance in addition to serving logistic tasks. Logipix Panorama provides an expanded, clear view of the entire monitored area for operators. They are thus able to spot thefts or any other suspicious activities around aircraft.

Perimeter security

The Logipix solution also protects airports from perimeter intrusion. Integration with a 3rd-party Perimeter Intrusion Detection System makes it possible to receive intrusion alarm signs. The signal triggers the Logipix PTZ to automatically zoom on the exact alarmed area. With the help of the embedded motion detection function, the PTZ camera is able to precisely track the motion of the detected intruder. The PTZ also features focus tracking, allowing the operators to easily follow the situation and react quickly and effectively.

Main advantages

  • Multi-purpose system – The Logipix solution ensures security on both landside and airside areas of an airport, while also helping the ground support equipment and aircraft logistics.
  • Meeting the needs of individual airports – Our engineers consider the specific structure and characteristics of different airports to best adapt the system for all situations.
  • Serving multiple airport departments – The Logipix system can be used by different departments for different kinds of tasks at the same time.
  • High quality footage – The Logipix cameras provide large panoramic images that help operators effectively track all movements at the airport.
  • Windowless ramp control – The Logipix Airport Video Monitoring solution provides computer vision technologies that make observation more effective.
  • Informative video monitor – Moving vehicles on the airside that have GPS transponders can be labeled, showing various IDs and information.
  • Cost-effectiveness – fewer devices are needed, keeping installation and maintenance costs strikingly low.
  • Bandwidth-effectiveness – The solution uses the scalable JPEG2000 image compression.
  • Strength and reliability – Logipix products are fully metal constructions and do not contain any plastic parts. All cameras and Network Video Recorders are designed for long-term operation even in extreme weather conditions.

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