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Logipix Control Center Client – Features & Functions

Panoramic image stitching

The Logipix Control Center software allows for stitching the images of Logipix Panorama and Virtual Panorama cameras. The images that are produced by individual sensors are not simply overlapping, but are geometrically transformed for accurate merge. The panoramic image provide an expanded view for the operators with even hundreds of megapixels resolution. There are no hidden or redundant areas in the stitched images. The Control Center handles a stitched panoramic image as a single image.

Synchronized panoramic image display

The Logipix Panorama cameras creates their images synchronized, and the Control Center ensures the synchronized display of these images. The feature results in a flawless view, as there is no glitch and observed objects can appear in the footage as they are.

White balance correction on the stitched image

The Control Center provides efficient white balance correction as well to smoothen the color gradient between the stitched images. This successfully creates a natural, quality footage.

PPM Expansion

The Logipix Panoramic image and the image of a Logipix ONE camera can be assigned together. The individual camera can be installed far away from the Logipix Panorama, relatively closer to the priority area. This way the desired area can be monitored with a much higher PPM value. The image with higher PPM is synchronized with the panoramic image for an even more convenient surveillance procedure.

GPS-based object labeling

A special Logipix software interface is capable of receiving the GPS coordinates of various objects from external sources. The Logipix Control Center is able to display virtual labels on the camera images that can be easily associated with radar and VCA-recognized objects.

Tagging and marking on the image

Operators can place different tags and marks on the camera images as virtual objects. Tags can be either private or visible for all operators. They contain an arbitrary polygon and a text description. Marked areas can either be predefined or dynamically added.

Logipix ePTZ function

The Logipix Control Center allows to define special zoom areas within a panoramic image. If a certain event happens that triggers the I/O of the Panorama camera, the Control Center automatically zooms in and shows the defined area in high resolution in a special zoom window.

PTZ control on the panoramic image

The PTZ and the Panorama cameras can be measured together by placing guidance points on both images. Owing to this, the Control Center ensures a unique function wherewith Logipix PTZ cameras can be controlled on the panoramic images by selecting the area of interest.

Further PTZ control functions

The Control Center provides versatile PTZ control functions in the Video Monitor, such as mouse controlled joystick emulation, control by simple clicking and drawing around the area of interest. PTZ position bookmarks and the GPS positioning also greatly facilitate the monitoring process. Another Control Center function allows the operators to control the PTZ cameras by clicking the required areas on an associated map.


The JPEG2000 standard stands as a basis for the Logi-zoom function that makes it possible for the Logipix NVR to store images in full resolution, but send only the required, zoomed picture area in high resolution to the monitoring center, while the rest of the image is sent in a lower resolution.

Touchscreen feature

Touch-screen features utilize the ability of touch-screen monitors to recognize the presence and the gestures of fingers on the screen surface. Single-touch and multi-touch features are available in the Control Center, facilitating several functions in the video monitor such as zooming, changing between monitor profiles or controlling the PTZ.


Dashboard is an instantly customizable monitor profile which can be freely sorted in the Video Monitor interface. It is ideal to create an optional monitor profile, saving valuable time when actions of an operator must be fast.

Video Wall

The Logipix Control Center allows for a video wall operation mode. The layout can be either fix or can be modified dynamically by the operators in a synchronized way. The layout change can happen automatically if triggered by the events that are generated by the system.

Stadium event management

The Logipix Control Center provides an effective stadium event management function. Different camera setups can be adjusted for the time of the event and for the time after the event. This way significant storage space can be saved.

Archive search

Operators can watch live and archive video streams on the same interface in the Control Center. A single click is enough to see the archive images from a camera or zoomed area. In this case both the live and archive image of the same camera or zoomed area is visible simultaneously on the same monitor profile. Time interval selection is available for a deeper analysis of archive images. Thumbnails of the selected interval also help to find the exact time of the desired event.

Health report

Health report is an important tool for checking the system. The Health report gives a summary of the condition of the system components. It continuously monitors the cameras and recorders, and logs their state. It reports about potential risks and malfunctions. This helps to sort out problems during maintenance before they generate unexpected down-times in the system.

Fast system configuration

Configuration of even a large scale system is fast and efficient with the Collective Copy function. A transparent grid of devices and parameters accelerates and facilitates the procedure.

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