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Logipix Panorama Solutions

From the hardware to the Video Management Software

Benefits of the panoramic images

Using panoramic images has many benefits in the aspect of monitoring. Operators can observe the whole area from a single viewpoint. Logipix Panorama cameras provide full coverage of large-scale areas without installing hundreds of Full HD or 4K security cameras. The installation of such large number of cameras is very impractical. An even bigger challenge lies in monitoring itself, as operators could easily miss out on key information, while scanning too many camera images. Operators can spot suspicious activities more efficiently, by watching a single high-resolution panoramic image. They can also orientate easier within the monitored area as panoramic images ensure better spatial awareness for them.

Logipix Panorama cameras

Logipix offers Panorama solutions in different constructions. Their common feature is that they deliver extraordinary image quality with hundreds of megapixels.

The Logipix Control Center provides a unique function for stitching the images of individual cameras together, forming the Virtual Panorama. This flexible structure ensures to tailor the system to your own needs considering the necessary resolution and installation possibilities. For example, stitching the images of 16 pieces of Logipix ONE 20 MP cameras creates a powerful construction. It provides 320 MP panoramic images and 20 FPS at full resolution. These quality images allow for face recognition in a distance of up to 350 meters.

Logipix developed unique multi-sensor Panorama cameras as well that deliver 200 and 320 MP resolutions and 20 FPS imaging rate. They are the exclusive flagship cameras of Logipix. The devices are able to monitor 6 and 8 km2 of areas with a resolution that is high enough for automatic human detection in a distance of 3 kilometers. They consist of ten or sixteen pieces of specially-constructed Logipix ONE 20 MP cameras, which are located in specially-designed, robust camera houses.

The camera houses are completed with a self-cleaning system that makes maintenance incredibly easy, as the automatic cleaning procedure can be scheduled according to customer requirements. These all-metal constructed camera houses are equipped with passive and active cooling systems, glass heating and sunshields, which ensure the proper operational temperature in all environments.

Image stitching and white balance correction

Logipix developed an advanced stitching function for creating high-resolution panoramic images. The images that are produced by individual sensors are not simply overlapping, but are geometrically transformed for an accurate merge. The Control Center also provides efficient white balance correction as well to smooth the color gradient between the stitched images. This way operators hardly notice the stitching borders between the individual images.

Image synchronization

Whether it is a Virtual Panorama or an individual Panorama camera, all the cameras of the structure take their images synchronized. This means that all the images are created at the very same time, therefore there will be no duplicate or disappearing objects in the stitched images.

How to display

Logipix engineers created a versatile Video Management Software, the Logipix Control Center. It has numerous specially developed functions related to panoramic images. The software has been smartly designed to display the high-resolution panoramic images in a bandwidth-efficient way.

Working with and displaying such high resolution panoramic images is a real challenge for the network, and also for the computer. But Logipix has the solution to manage and display even 600 MP of visual information at the same time.

The essence of Logipix Panoramic Technology is to store the panoramic images at full resolution on the NVR, but transmit and display only the necessary pixels.

State-of-the-art 4K monitors can display 8 MP of visual information, which is only a fragment of the full resolution. As there is no need to transmit the full size images the system sends resized, smaller images to be displayed on the monitors. When the operators want to see some detail and zoom in on images, the system is able to transmit and display these zoomed parts of the picture in a much higher resolution. Thus the Logipix Control Center always shows only the necessary pixels. The basis of this technology is the JPEG2000 compression standard and one of its main features, scalability. The JPEG2000 is the only image compression standard that was developed for managing 1000+ MP resolution images. The JPEG2000 standard provides all the necessary cropping and scaling functions that are needed to efficiently display hundreds of megapixels.

Video Content Analysis

Logipix developed hardware-based Video Content Analysis functions that together with high-resolution panoramic images make monitoring incredibly effective. The Logipix VCA relies on a Multidimensional Gaussian Background Model that continuously adapts to the background. It is developed to accurately detect, track and differentiate moitonless or moving objects under all lighting conditions.

Logipix Capture Camera function

The Capture Camera function facilitates monitoring as it helps guide the attention of operators. The function features an event grid in the Video Monitor wherein automatically triggered events appear. The VCA or any third-party sensor or device connected to the system can trigger the event. Operators can explore, acknowledge or reject these alarms by a single click. In case of exploring, a popup camera window appears which shows a related archive loop of the event.

Logipix ePTZ function

LOGIPIX ePTZ works as an automatic zoom function. Areas can be defined within the panoramic image and for configured trigger events the defined areas appear on the monitor profiles in special zoom windows.

Logipix PiP camera function

Logipix developed the Picture-in-Picture function that can be very useful in various application fields. There are always priority areas within a monitored environment that should be observed with different parameters. The PiP function allows to assign two or more camera images, one inside the other. 20 MP Logipix cameras with telephoto lenses can be assigned to panoramic images, therefore certain areas can be monitored in much higher resolution in the single panoramic image.

Combining Logipix Panorama and PTZ cameras

Logipix developed a worldwide unique function allowing PTZ cameras to be assigned to the Panorama cameras. This way PTZs can work together with the panorama devices. Operators can control the PTZs on the panoramic images by selecting the area of interest. Based on common measuring points the PTZ camera can accurately find the selected image area. Operators can easily track suspicious activities utilizing the user-friendly control functions of the PTZs. Using 6 MP or Long Range PTZ cameras they can get fine details of the targets even if they are kilometers away.

Versatile zooming functions

Logipix Control Center allows for different zooming possibilities, having the so called Logi-Zoom function. Although Logipix panoramic images are stitched images of individual cameras, operators can work with them as if they were single images. The operators can zoom in on any part of the panoramic image and virtually pan across it. They can also use one or even more zoom windows at the same time. In these windows, the chosen parts of the panoramic image are displayed in high resolution. Using this function operators can easily track suspicious individuals in the zoom windows, while they are still able to observe the whole monitored area.

Archive stream of the Logpix Panorama

The full resolution archive streams of the Panorama cameras can be played back and fully managed in the freely distributed LPlayer software. They can be restitched if needed and white balance correction can be performed as well. The stitching configuration can be saved. Operators can zoom in on the panoramic images and get fine details of any situation that should be investigated.

Panorama cameras in Logipix solutions

  • Airport Video Monitoring
  • Border Surveillance
  • Critical Infrastructure Video Surveillance
  • Safe and Smart Cities
  • Stadium Video Surveillance

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