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Logipix Long Range PTZ

In Fall 2016 we released our Long Range PTZ. The pan-tilt-zoom camera has been designed to effectively monitor targets even at kilometers long distances.

The camera produces 25 FPS video stream at full resolution. Its 1” sensor provides wide dynamic range images. The PTZ camera has a long-range 11.9mm – 357mm lens with 30x optical zoom, and is is equipped with a varifocal IR Laser illuminator that works together with the camera’s optical zoom system.

The IR Laser illuminator is able to efficiently illuminate targets even at a great distance. Therefore the Logipix Long Range PTZ camera is able to detect targets even at a 5 km distance, in all lighting conditions.

Thanks to the high accuracy and fast positioning of the camera, operators can easily track the movements of targets

There are many specially developed PTZ control functions in the Logipix video management software, the Control Center. Among other functions, the mouse-controlled joystick emulation, the PointIT control function and PTZ position bookmarks make the monitoring easier.

The PTZ camera can be strategically installed out of sight at an undetectable location, far away from the observed area, preventing it from any intentional damage.

For all the above reasons the Logipix Long Range PTZ camera can be an essential device of critical infrastructure security such as border and airport video surveillance.

Read more about the component here.

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