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Automatic Red Light Violation Detection

Breaking the red light rule is one of the most dangerous violations in everyday traffic.

Logipix engineers have developed an application that detects and registers red light traffic violations hoping that the number of violations would decreases a result.

The principle of the operation

Logipix Red Light Violation Detection is a recorder-driven Video Content Analysis function. The analysis is based on an algorithm run by the recorder of the high-resolution video surveillance system, the LNVR. The application monitors the states of traffic lights, records high resolution security footages of the monitored intersections and observes a configured violation zone. If a vehicle breaks the red light rule, the system automatically detects it with high precision. It creates an event which will be saved in a database, and downloads five images of the violating vehicle to a container.

As a next step, the system automatically crops the license plates from the pictures and sends them to a third-party license plate recognition software to identify them. The license plate recognition software sends the identified data to the system. The system then sends this data to the Ministry of Interior. The MoI sends the relevant information (e.g.: car type, color, etc.) of the vehicle back to the system. This information is then entered into the system's violations work basket. As final step of process the operators confirm these automatically created violations.

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