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Logipix 200 MP Panorama

The Logipix Panorama camera family is able to cover wide areas at a hundreds of megapixels large image resolution from a single viewpoint.

A wide view panoramic of the whole monitored area in one image results in an observation with no redundant or hidden areas.

The high-resolution either 140 or 200 MP panoramic images allow for face recognition in all lighting conditions.

The cameras deliver a high-speed, 20 FPS frame rate footage at full resolution. The multi-sensor device provides wide dynamic range images, has an improved low-light performance and high sensitivity.

The thermal control of the electronic components happens in different ways. In most environments a heat pipe system is sufficient for cooling. The camera is also capable of operating extreme environments, when temperature can get very high or low. If this is the case, the Panorama camera can be equipped with an active thermoelectric peltier.

The Logipix Panorama camera housings can be completed with an automatic self-cleaning system as well. The system consists of a water tank with cleaning liquid, a dispenser system and wipers for every camera window.

Read more about the components here.

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