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Multi-megapixel IP cameras in P+R car parks

Multi-megapixel IP cameras in P+R car parks

P + R cikk


The Multi Alarm Zrt. installs Logipix 9.1 megapixel security IP cameras into the P+R car parks established in the 17th and 22nd District of Budapest.

The application of Logipix camera manufactured by the STP Kft. based on Hungarian development in video monitoring systems gives the possibility to continuous, high resolution surveillance of the controlled area. Resolution is 20 times higher, and the face recognition distance is 5 times greater than the highest quality analogous cameras. This results in much sharper image with more details and much larger controllable area.

Due to the scalable image compressing procedure and special function of the system the multi-megapixel video monitoring systems of car parks can be completely managed via small bandwidth network (e.g. ADSL) as well.

The new P+R car parks are established near heavy traffic interchanges and that is expected to reduce the traffic of the entrance roads, and the video monitoring cameras are expected to prevent car stealing and vandalism.

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