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Case Study Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow

Logipix Ensures Safety In Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow

The Logipix Stadium Video Surveillance solution was installed in Luzhniki Stadium by the beginning of FIFA World Cup 2018. The Luzhniki Stadium is the largest stadium in the country with its seating capacity of 81,000.

The system provides full coverage of the entire seating area by 120–200 MP resolution panoramic images, which are constructed from individual Logipix ONE cameras. This resolution is high enough to provide face recognition at every seat in the stadium. In order to deliver exceptional image quality under all lighting and environmental conditions, the individual cameras are placed in specially-designed camera enclosures.

The enormous amount of visual data, produced by the Logipix Virtual Panoramas are recorded and stored on high-performance 3rd generation Network Video Recorders. Operators use the Logipix Control Center Professional VMS with stadium specific features for monitoring.


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