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The Logipix Stadium Video Surveillance solution

Stadium security challenges

One of the most crowded events take place at sports stadiums. Thousands of spectators in one seating bowl create a stressed security environment at any time. Stadium security staff needs to be prepared for violent behavior and accidental incidents.

The Logipix solution

The Logipix end-to-end Stadium Video Surveillance system gives a modern answer to these challenges by making prevention and fast and effective crowd control possible.

The hardware and software components

The high-end Logipix hardware and software components work together to create a reliable video surveillance solution that can meet the requirements of individual sites.

  • Virtual Panorama
  • 20 MP Logipix ONE cameras
  • 6 MP PTZ cameras
  • Network Video Recorders
  • Control Center video management software

Several 20 MP Logipix ONE cameras cover the entire seating bowl making face recognition possible at every seat of even large stadiums. Their images can be stitched together to create high-resolution, hundreds of megapixels panoramic images. Images of the Virtual Panorama that is built up from the Logipix ONE cameras are so easy to handle that operators will never miss out on any important happening within the stadium.

Additional 6 MP Logipix PTZ cameras can observe the stadium, that can be controlled on the large panoramic images. Bookmarks can be saved on the images, so the cameras can turn to these pre-configured positions for security staff to have a more efficient observation.

The Logipix NVR uses JPEG2000 compression, which means the system can utilize the scalability. The self-developed Logi-zoom function sends only the required image details in full resolution, therefore making the solution bandwidth-effective.

The Control Center displays real-time videos while making it possible to search and playback footage from any earlier recorded sports event. As there is the choice of setting deletion dates, stadiums can always act according to the local laws.

Read more about the Stadium solution here.

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